Ophtalmic Cryosurgery System



General Features

The CRYO-LINE medical device is designed for use in ophthalmic surgery by qualified personnel. More specifically, the surgical procedures where the device can be used are listed below:
• Retinal detachment
• Glaucoma
• Cataract

CRYO-LINE operates according to the physical law of the Joule-Thomson effect to freeze the tip of the probe and reach freezing temperatures of approximately -60°C. The gases used must be medical-grade, hyperdry Nitrous oxide (N2O) or Carbon dioxide (CO2), at saturated vapor pressure (approx. 60 bar) and room temperature. The gases must be stored in non-siphon cylinders.
The CRYO-LINE device consists of a control console fitted with a high-pressure hose and inlet filter for connection to a gas cylinder, and a foot pedal.
The console is equipped with a connector for attaching a hose, which allows the exhaust gas to be channeled and released outside the operating theater if N2O is used.


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Features & Benefits

Straightforward Interface

  • Easy to read LCD screen
  • User friendly keyboards

Controllable Parameters

  • Application temperature control (-60°C to -25°C step 5°C)
  • Application time control (1 s – 60 s)

Operating Features

  • Monitored probe temperature
  • Automatic console pneumatic test
  • Self initiated cryoprobe purge cycle

Treatment Options

  • Suitable range of probes

Additional Information

Not all products or offerings are approved or offered in every market. Approved labelling and instructions may vary from one country to another. Contact your local distributor or BVI (Contact us – BVI Medical) for worldwide product information.


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