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R-Evolution® is the system that gives a wide range of options for each step of the cataract, vitreo retinal or combined procedure, enhancing performances and functionalities.


  • IOP Dynamic Compensation to support fluidic stability during all phases of surgery of both the posterior and anterior segment
  • Selectable aspiration system between flow or vacuum based pump


TWEDGE™ 20K, the double blade vitrectomy probes up to 20,000 cuts per minute for a paradigm shift in the efficiency of vitreous removal


VALVED TROCARS, with self-retained scleral guides and infusion cannula


LED LIGHT SOURCE, free of harmful UV and IR emissions, having 3 independent outputs with selectable colour filters, Wide Angle shielded illumination probe for panoramic view


GREEN LASER MODULE 532nm, endo-photocoagulation with integrated laser module control interface


Auxiliary Functions for Vitreoretinal Surgery:

  • Automatic Fluid/Air exchange and Fluid Air (also through pedal)
  • Silicone oil injection (also with simultaneous suction) and oil removal through the same kit
  • Eso/Endo Diathermy
  • Phacoemulsification via Pars Plana
  • Fluids Extrusion


Minimal Stress™: an ultrasound management system which continuously learn when facing resistance opposed by lens material and it maintains effective intraocular phaco tip elongation consistent with the display programmed value


Optimized ultrasound emission Protocols (pre-Fixed Duty Cycle, HD Pulse, Burst) to improve efficiency during lens removal


User interface for easier human-machine interaction through the immediacy of software and wireless pedalx

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